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The 3-year coaching programme

The dreamteam programme is a high-intensity, business coaching programme, led by Karl Hartey of dreamteam coaching. This unique, UK coaching programme, focuses on 9 key strategies of professional development:

  1. Constructing a powerful three-year vision
  2. Planning the time to plan
  3. Developing a steady flow of new clients using low-cost marketing techniques
  4. Leading a championship support team
  5. Creating world-class customer service by delivering a "wow"practice
  6. Refining your ethical selling skills
  7. Getting control of finances and setting prices
  8. Treat people how they want to be treated
  9. Maintaining balance between work, rest and play

A preview of the 8 key strategies

Construct a powerful three-year vision

top This may seem obvious, but most people do not take the time to sit down and create a vision that will pull their business forward. From this one step the strategy to build your practice will come about, and along with it the power to take you to whatever size practice you wish. (Maybe it's a million pounds? Maybe more?).

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Planning the time to plan

Thousands of people say they go into business because they want more freedom and yet the reality is they quickly become slaves to their business. One of the outcomes of this programme, is the additional freedom that you will create for yourself. We will walk you through how to use advanced planning techniques to create the space you need to really build a large and sustainable business.

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Develop a steady flow of new clients using low-cost marketing techniques

Marketing is a fairly straight forward process. However, there are a lot of ineffective and costly marketing techniques being tossed around as 'gospel' when they aren't. We will show you the methods that work and you will be surprised at how easy and pain free marketing can be and also learn what to say when networking and developing an elevator speech.

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Lead a championship support team

top You've heard the distinction Michael Gerber makes in his bestseller The Emyth, that is "working 'in' your business is different from working 'on' your business." We will show you how powerfully this business concept can be applied to your business. You'll also learn the key strategies for building a world-class support team. Very few people make it in the world by themselves. Let this training help you see the benefit of leveraging others to get what you want and need.

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Create world-class customer service by delivering  a "wow" practice

A strong referral rate is still the number one way to not only fill but maintain a successful business. During the programme you'll learn the secrets of top coaches and develop a top notch client referral system, that comes to you and you no longer need to ask by having your clients being your unpaid sales force.

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Refine your ethical selling skills

Most of us say we hate selling and yet, most advisers get into the industry because of their love of people. We will show you how to overcome any fear you have about talking about your services and help you build the proper language to use to get people to buy your services. There is a science to this and we will show you how.

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Get control of finances and setting prices

Master the financial side of your business once and for all. We'll show you how to set your fees for your business or services and how to leverage financial tools and resources. As a bonus, we'll also show you how to successfully manage your cash flow and create your personal passive cashflow.

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Treat people how they want to be treated

A strategy that brings it all together, ever felt that some people you can read and others you cant, this strategy will increase sales ability and human understanding, so everyone will love you and want to be influenced and motivated by you, a must for sales people.

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Maintain balance between work, rest and play

We said it before and we'll say it again. It's not about the money. Truly. This programme is all about creating the business that brings you the life most people only talk about. Yes, you will make more money if you follow the strategies we cover, but more importantly you can have the work-play balance you dreamed of when you first got into the business.

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