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Seminar Coaching

Seminar coaching forms two parts firstly how to run a successful seminar from the back office systems that are required, to organising the day and then prospecting the clients. This comes from seven years of experience of running over a hundred seminars that now generate approximately a ten-fold increase to the investment made within a 6 month period. The subject matter that will be covered:

The second part is what to say once we see the clients and how to obtain ongoing referrals through the seminar programme. A new addition to the programme is the ongoing management system of allowing the back office side running a seminar to run successfully. This is available through additional internal coaches who can come to your office and train your own people and support staff how to get it up and running as quick as possible.

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Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching develops entrepreneurs and high performing leaders. Often executives need an objective, neutral sounding board to discuss challenges, opportunities and their perspective.

We allow executives and managers to step away from their day-to-day routine and effectively strategise on how they can reach beyond where they are currently by going into the zone. We focus on the threats to the business, the opportunities, the existing strengths and an action plan which brings 100% accountability. Professional Development Coaching is similar to executive coaching and is offered at all levels within the organisation.

Career Development/Transition Coaching is for individuals needing and/or wanting movement from their current position. Career coaching helps individuals to utilise their strengths, to see where they may have blind spots and to identify a course of action.

Personal clients often seeking to:
  • Increase fulfillment
  • Change careers/direction
  • Accelerate career growth
  • Stick to goals
  • Change relationships

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  • Regain energy/passion
  • Rebalance their lives
  • Improve finances
  • Redefine their future
  • Accountability & focus

Coaching for Businesses Organisational

Coaching provides a platform where individuals can discuss challenges, concerns and appropriate actions they need to take. Coaches working in this arena help individuals achieve balance between their own needs and those of the overall organisational objectives.

For example, one organisation needed to retain key employees during the process of transforming its structure from a traditional hierarchical pyramid to a flat structure.

With support from their coaches, the leaders found an environment for problem solving and venting without doing damage to key organisational relationships.

Through the coaching, relationships between managers and their direct reports improved. Of the several key people who stayed with the company, one said "coaching was the glue that kept me in the organisation." Sales Leader Development Our Sales coaching is customised to support the efforts of sales leaders and sales teams. With its emphasis on sales productivity and highly leveraged activities, the laser focus of this coaching solution has a direct impact on helping individuals and organisations achieve revenue goals and other key sales performance objectives.

Transition people into new roles Business Clients often seeking to:
  • Corporate Clients often seeking to :
  • Use Executive Coaching
  • Increase effectiveness
  • Lift performance
  • Support key staff
  • Help deal with stress
  • Manage change

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  • Establish new ventures
  • Increase creativity
  • Resolve decisions
  • Find new opportunities
  • Improve networking
  • Balance Work/Life
  • Refocus energy
  • Improve time management
  • Improve personal effectiveness

Personal Coach

Karl Hartey is a member of the Professional Speakers Association and has spoken from Asia to North America speaking to clients such as prudential, AIA Standard Charge Bank, St James Place, MDRT and many more.

The content of the talks can be tailored to your own individual needs. Karl will talk about the outcome that is required and generally these are of a motivational nature based around goal setting.

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