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Your Ideal Coach

Having a coach or someone you can learn from, is a powerful way to develop your own skills, character and future. However, it's essential you choose the right coach for you so that you can grow effectively.

In fact, some people have more than one coach to suit different areas of their lives. A coach should display certain attributes to be effective and you should both talk about the relationship you have with each other and their willingness to act as a coach for you.

What do I do?

You know how some financial advisers work 48 weeks a year, 60 hours a week earning £50,000 - £100,000 per annum but spending more than they earn, meaning that they become disillusioned with the industry, and have little in the way of plans to improve.

Well, what I do, through an intensive 3 year coaching program is to deliver 8 key strategies to find a vision and a path to success.

So by the end of the 3rd year you will be working 40 weeks per year, 30-40 hours a week, earning £100,000-£200,000 per annum and saving more than you earn.

We provide greater vision, balance and happiness both at work and play. identify the positives and to move forward.

Karl Hartey (Cert PFS)

Karl Hartey is a renowned international keynote speaker, widely sought after in Europe, Asia, and North America. By using ‘The Winning Edge' and 'An Eye to the Future’, he turns professional sales people into peak performers in a heartbeat, and his coaching can only be described as “Electrifying”.

His mission is to transform your life, by formulating a strategy to take you to your next level. By achieving a level 10 of peak performance, you will be able reach inside yourself, and find your true potential.

If you want to breakthrough to the next level and generate more profit, have more quality time, and to create the right balance between work, rest and play, then you need: The Winning Move.