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Karl is a regular contributor to various industry magazines. Here are a few sample articles that he has written and also some sample dreamteam documentation that is included in the coaching programme. Click on the links below to download PDF.

Personality Profiling

What type of person are you?

An introduction to day one of your 3-year programme

A sample document from our ' constructing a powerful 3-year vision' programme.

How to become a star performer

Are you making the most of your capabilities and fulfilling your potential? Perhaps you could raise your game using a three-year plan? Karl Hartey guides the way.

These are the days of your life

... so make maximum use of them as you strive to get more out of yourself. Karl Hartey offers some pointers.

Figure it out

Money talks. But does yours always say goodbye? Karl Hartey outlines the route towards financial discipline.

Making the most of your potential

Do you have an inspiring and compelling vision of the future? For your business? For your personal life? Karl Hartey outlines the power of positive thinking.

Air support

Do the people in your team feel appreciated? Karl Hartey explains the benefits of a ‘helium' culture.

20 steps to sales success

Karl Hartey offers some guidance on how to boost performance in a vital part of any commercial operation.

Maximise your marketing - Part 1

Karl offers advice on how to get the most out of your promotional activity.

Making the most of the telephone

First impressions count, and as the telephone is the number one form of contact with client's the following will provide tips for you and your support staff to 'wow' all whom you talk to.

Be the best by getting the best assistance

Behind every great business leader and producer there’s a support infrastructure, often with an assistant to shoulder a hefty administrative burden. Karl Hartey discusses ways to attract and retain the unsung heroes of the industry.

Getting the right recruit

In a people business, the quality of staff is paramount. Karl Hartey suggests how you might improve your recruitment activity and add talent and potential to your team.

All Present and correct?

Karl Hartey continues his series on maximising the value you get from client seminars by explaining how to get the best out of yourself on the day.

Standing room only

From invitations to getting the content of your presentation spot on, Karl Hartey continues his series on how to organise an enjoyable and rewarding seminar.

Meeting pointers

Karl Hartey begins a series on running client seminars with a celebration of the concept and a guide on how to get started.

The balancing act

The importance of striking a balance between the various calls we all have on our time.

Maximise your marketing - Part 1

Karl offers advice on how to get the most out of your promotional activity.

Maximise your marketing - Part 2

Karl concludes his marketing series with a look at how to promote your business and win new clients.

Tips for recruiting people

Learn from my mistakes, not yours. It will save time, money and fast-track you to the top.

Systematic Spontaneity

How to 'WOW' your clients every time.


ROUND THE TABLE - Official Publication of the Million Dollar Round Table

Karl Hartey believes that establishing a fully functioning marketing engine is the key to a continuous supply of right-fit clients. In "Your marketing Machine", he explains the eight -step process he follows to keep his appointment book full.

Karl Hartey is an 18 year MDRT Member with 16 Top of the Table qualifications. He is an MDRT Foundation Diamond Knight and is very highly regarded as an entrepreneurial coach by all at MDRT.